What is the value to you, of having a single advisory firm reporting to you?


The Board deals with the CEO

As a successful person, you need a team of expert subject matter experts to help make sure you attain the highest probability of achieving your goals.

Someone needs to manage this team. That's where I come in. I'm going to manage all these people. I'm gonna make sure that your accountants, money managers, planners, attorneys, and insurance agents are all working together in harmony to ensure that you get the best advice possible. This saves you tremendous time and aggravation. Now you don't have to deal with five, seven, or nine different people. I'll deal with them, hold them accountable to give you the best advice possible and hold you accountable to implementing that advice.

The board has a CEO. The board doesn't deal with many people. They deal with one person - the CEO. 



Currently your attorneys, planners, money managers, insurance agents, and accountants Do not have an impartial leader and are not working together in synergy and in harmony for your benefit. You will be much better off when they are.

Have you ever sat down in a meeting with all your money manager experts, your accountants, your financial planners, your attorneys, your insurance agents, etc and marveled as you watch these people effectively work together to provide you with the best possible advice? Most people can't because their "team of advisors" doesn't work together at all.

Can you Imagine how better off you'll be if they did?

Isn't that interesting? You're paying tens of thousands of dollars a year to various advisors (accountants, money managers, planners, and attorneys, etc) and they're not even talking to each other? So when you become a client of ours that will change. They will be coordinated effectively so that you get the best advice possible.

What do you think of that idea?



You know you have many more accounts with more institutions than necessary to accomplish your goals. And there is likely no single piece of paper that contains information from all your assets or all your insurance policies and there's no single piece of paper or single document that illustrates what you want to have happen after you're gone.

Your life will be much better off once you consolidate. 



To put this politely, there are likely holes in your financial house that you could drive a truck through. It's simply by luck or by the grace of God that something bad hasn't happened that turns one of these holes into a big problem. 

There are many more things that need to be done to get your entire financial house in perfect order. it's my estimate that more than half of these things are not being currently addressed by your current financial advisors.

Your Life will be much better with truly comprehensive financial planning. 



There is a "Premium for simplification." As a result of working with us everything will be much simpler for you. To have one person as the leader of your team coordinating a comprehensive and consolidated organization of your financial affairs, your life will be simpler.

So you can focus your time on things that are more important to you and bring more meaning to your life than worrying about your money. Perhaps even more important, if anything happens to you, you know the people you care about most won't be stressed out or left to figure things out - or frustrated trying to figure out your unique way of handling your financial affairs.

Do you like the idea of your life being much simpler than it is now?

"When you talk to clients and you look at the research and you study the data and you really dig into what the client seems to value the most about an effective relationship with a Trusted Advisor - it's the fact that it saves them time"

~Mark Little, trainer to financial advisors



Finally, one of the benefits of working with us is that you will get more accountability. Accountability is twofold. First of all, we hold the experts accountable to get the best advice to get and keep your financial house in order. Then we hold you accountable to do your part.

Right now, your current financial advisors might be kissing your butt to keep your business rather than telling you the truth and holding you accountable to get the job done. Your life will be much better when someone is holding your advisers and you accountable. Are you willing to be accountable to actually implement all the things you need to be done to actualize the things on your financial roadmap?

Do you like the idea of a clear visual of the planning process and a simple overview of your Financial Roadmap?

If you found yourself nodding a bit, and get the idea of why you want to have a high level team of advisors, accountable to you, working in a coordinated way, helping to make sure you achieve your goals, lets continue the conversation.


True wealth is discretionary time
— Bill Bachrach - advisor to financial advisors