How We Work with You

We offer 2 levels of service which include a full service "Client Community" model and our "starter" plan.

Our Full Service Client Community is best for clients who have more important things in their life to do than worrying about money so they choose to delegate their finances to a team of professionals that handle every area of their financial life proactively. 

Our Starter Plan is appropriate for younger clients - or clients who currently have a simpler financial profile. These clients prefer to have an independent advisor in their life that they can turn to for questions and be a resource as they build their net worth and careers. 

FS client community

Our Full Service Client Community delegates financial worry to us. We in turn have 10 Deliverables that we provide each year to you which are carried out in 3 meetings per year through an ever growing 115+ list of checkpoints. Not only do we oversee asset management and investment allocation, but we ensure your legal strategy is appropriate and current, review your insurances for proper coverage at the right price, forecast and review tax returns and strategies, manage cash flow and budgeting and much more. 

We focus on intergenerational planning as we believe families working together build better success and also believe that if you feel good about your family, you will be more successful. Helping our clients' aging parents and/or their adult children is included in our plan. 

2018 Annual Fee for this service: $18,000. This service is most appropriate for clients with net worth from $2-30M. For a full list of our 10 Deliverables, go to our contact page or mention it in the comments of our online questionnaire linked below. 

"Starter" plan

Our Starter Plan is a way for clients who are still growing their net worth to work with a retainer fee-based advisor and get independent comprehensive advice without being sold a product. Chris wants planning to be affordable for those in the building stage.

Starter clients get 1 formal review meeting per year and unlimited email and phone consulting (within reason!). We can help clients allocate portfolios, choose benefits at work and help you build your financial house on solid foundation.

2018 Annual retainer fee for this service is $2,500. Consulting clients who want a financial checkup pay $1,250 which can be used toward our annual retainer. 

Note: if you need financial help but can not afford our fees, contact us through our contact page. it is Chris' goal to be accessible to anyone in need who is truly looking to improve their situation. We offer hourly and pro-bono services if needed.