Chris’ Client Community - Ongoing Relationship


i have a simple 5 part value promise for you. i will help you:

  1. Align your financial choices with your most important goals and most deeply held values;

  2. Get your entire financial house in order, and keep it that way, forever;

  3. Foster a "10" level of confidence that you will achieve your goals;

  4. Be your advocate for your wishes whether or not you can advocate for yourself;

  5. Maintain Absolute Confidentiality.

What Do we do for you? (our service model)

Members of our Full Service Client Community delegate financial worry to us. We in turn have 10 Deliverables encompassing a thorough and always growing list of checkpoints (currently ~115) that we go through each year behind the scenes. We report your status at 2-3 meetings per year (virtual or in person) and report any necessary action items to you as needed.

Not only do we oversee asset management and investment allocation, but we also help:

  • Ensure your legal strategy is appropriate and current,

  • Analyze your insurances for proper coverage at the right price,

  • Examine your company benefits to maximize what you get,

  • Review your stock options and deferred compensation arrangements,

  • Develop and implement debt elimination strategies,

  • Forecast and review tax returns and strategies,

  • Analyze cash flow and monthly expenses

  • And much more. 

Additionally, we focus on intergenerational planning as we believe families working together build better success. And we also believe that if you feel good about your family, you will be more positive and impactful in your personal life, work life and your community life.

Helping our clients' aging parents (housing, healthcare, insurances etc) and/or their children is included in our plan. 

Would you like to see our updated List of 10 Deliverables and subcategories itemized? Request a copy from our contact page or through our intake questionnaire page.

What does it cost?

The annual fee for our Client Community starts typically at $18,000 (for 2019 - minimum is $7,000). The fee depends on the complexity of your situation.

Whom do we serve best?

We work best with builders and people who serve others:

Are you a Business Owner who has gone through many of the struggles of building a business, serving others, dealing with adversity and the highs and lows of business as you provide a great product or service to your market?

Are you a CEO, CMO or EVP of sales who has had to work hard to build a company and bring a quality product to market and wants advice on the myriad of compensation, stock and benefit options available so that you can create your own golden parachute?

Are you a Consultant, Realtor or Dentist helping others to be there best, and examining the best corporate structure for you, how to set up retirement plans, and a proper mix of insurances to protect your business and your family?

If so then good! I enjoy helping people who are builders. I enjoy sharing ideas on personal growth with my clients and living out an “80/20” lifestyle by making smart choices about how things get done.

Because I can not only relate to people like you who think entrepreneurially (whether inside a big corporation or a smaller firm), I can also appreciate the financial nuances and requirements of high performing people who like to delegate non-core activities to competent professionals. So that they can focus on what they do best while letting their financial team handle the minutiae of the finances.

Furthermore, the people I serve best want someone who will be serious with them about their goals and help keep them accountable to achieving those goals.

If this is you, and you are looking for a team of experienced people to help get you organized, on track for your goals and keep you accountable, then lets get started and see if we are a good fit to work together.

Have Questions? Want to know more? Go to our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

True Wealth Is Discretionary Time
— Bill Bachrach, CSP - teacher to Advisors