I'm Not Your Therapist

When some people think of financial planning, they think of clients who need “help” with their finances - help after racking up thousands in credit card debt or help with out of control spending.

While it’s true that these people need help, the kind of help some people need is not the kind of help that some advisors offer. And even in cases of referrals, well-meaning friends will refer a heavily indebted person to us. The problem with this is that, unfortunately, someone like this doesn’t need an adviser, they need a therapist! And that is not what I do.

What do I do?

I help already success-minded people design their ideal future. My purpose is not to dwell on the past. I help people achieve the goals they desire for the reasons important to them. This is why we start with a values conversation, then discuss goals. Only after we have a clear vision of client values then goals, can we then proceed to the tactics of financial planning.

By doing things in this order, we make financial decisions for the right reasons. Reasons that are aligned with your most important goals, and your most deeply held values.

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When you values are clear, your decisions are easy ~ Roy Disney