Put Yourself in Position to Win

In this video, I discuss the importance of setting the environment you are in for success. I share a story of how I had a good setup for my personal fitness, lost that setup, lost focus - and now what I am doing to get back in that success zone.

Sure there are lots of people who have succeeded with tremendous odds. But those folks are outliers.

For us average folk, the challenge is getting things done in an era of too many things “to do,” too many data channels, too many sources of noise hitting us as we try to do what is important: phone notifications, instant messages, Facebook updates, TV, your boss’ emails etc.

Therefore, you need to help put yourself in the zone to do the deep work that you need to in order to get the success you want but more importantly, limit the number of hours you work. There’s a good chance that you put in extra hours because your regular work hours are distracted.

How much more time could you spend on the important things in life if you could finish your work in less time?

Remember: Your most valuable asset is discretionary time.

Cover Image source: Flickr