Do Annoying Work at Night and Take Some Time Off During the Day

It makes no sense. It's sunny outside, the weather is lovely. Birds are chirping and a light breeze is blowing.  However, you're INSIDE at your desk doing paperwork. What a pity! Wouldn't it feel better to be outside going for a walk?

Most people would answer yes. But, why don't we do that? Is it because we have work to do and no one wants to shirk at work? Now, I agree, we can't skip work. And no doubt, there are certain, high payoff activities that are best done during the day. Meeting with the people you serve (your customers), making phone calls, developing your product with your freshest mind, and working on developing your team are among the most critical tasks you need to be doing in your work. However, doing paperwork, sending emails and organizing your desktop - which need to be done - are not tasks that always need to be done during the best hours of the day.

Therefore, If you'd like to improve your health, improve your spirits and add more balance to your life, try completing those mundane tasks - such as emails and organizing - in the evening. And use that time you would have been doing those tasks during the day to go out for a walk in the sun.

This one little switch, which involves reprogramming the mentality that you must work 8 hours a day during daylight hours, could go a long way to helping you balance your life. It's a true 80/20 activity - because by making a small calendar switch (maybe affecting 20% of your typical work time), you can get such a large psychological benefit. 

if you're interested in having more balance in your life, Give this 80/20 "lifestyle tactic" a try - and then tell me how it goes!

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