I’m Chris Grande and I help the "linchpins" of this world to eliminate money worries - so they can focus on their higher purpose. 


Have you come to the point in your success where you wonder if your money is working as hard as you are?

Are you worried that your finances are just a tad bit too disorganized for your liking? And that you'd feel a heck of a lot better if someone were watching over your money for you so that you could free up that mental capital to focus on other things -things you may enjoy more?

Successful people know the value of delegating tasks that are not their primary vocation - such as complex financial planning. And since they often are the go-to person in their family, business and community - the linchpin - they know they don't have the time to do everything optimally.

Having someone watch over the family wealth, making sure the parents will be ok, and the kids will be ok too, brings peace of mind. Getting organized, avoiding silly financial mistakes, and making sure milestones and objectives don't fall through the cracks - these are priceless things. 

Many of our clients have already been enjoying the tranquility and satisfaction that comes from having a detailed, comprehensive game plan in place to handle goals and unplanned contingencies and make sure their families are taken care of no matter what.

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